What is the best way to choose suitable free keylogger software?

What is the best way to choose suitable free keylogger software?

How to choose the best free keylogger software to protect your business?

Free keylogger software is experiencing real boost popularity as a lot of managers considering it to be the best solution to ensure business safety and make sure there is no information leakage and no one sales confidential data.  With so many different providers and types on the market today, it is difficult to choose most suitable and most reliable one. All of them have own flaws and benefits, and before installing one, it is wiser to read reviews and understand own needs: do you prefer hardware or free keylogger software to download and install? Some may find hardware devices more convenient as it is easy to attach it to the target computer and start monitoring. The main flaw is that employees will know that they are being watched and will be able hiding all suspicious activity.

Keylogger software, in this case, is more convenient as it can be installed on all office computers and sends gathered data to indicated email address. Other ways receiving information is uploading it to the server using file transfer protocol or upload to a website that can be accessed by the user with a password and username. Once you install software, there is no need in physical adjusting or handling again.

It is also desirable reading posted reviews and testimonials as you will find valuable information posted by other users. Find out more about software features, make sure the software you are about to choose is password protected and run in a stealth mode. Stealth mode ensured quiet presence on the background and didn’t slow down operational processes. In case your employees detect its presence they may disable it.

Different free keylogger products designed for Android, Mac, and Windows with a different set of features. The same applies to free and paid versions. Some types of software available online for free have a wider range of features than the paid ones. Availability of free trial version is also useful as provides a chance to determine whether the chosen software meets your expectations and requirements.

Make sure chosen keystroke recorder has a user friendly interface as in this case you will be able to configure the settings by yourself and not inviting a specialist to your office.

Why is it important to use keylogger software in office?

More and more businessman decide to install keystroke recorders in their offices as want to prevent such misfortune as selling sensible data. Taking into account level of our technological development it takes up to few minutes to transfer tons of information using unlimited access to the Internet.

Other reasons to monitor employees’ online activity are:

  • To watch their way of communication with clients and customers – impolite correspondence can cost a lot;
  • Make sure there is no inappropriate behavior in the office bullying, sexual harassment, racist offenses;
  • Proving that no one is trading commercial secrets or other financial information or
  • Providing illegal activity like workplace theft;
  • It is also useful to know that staff members don’t waste hours on entertaining websites, gambling online, attending dating sites, or even playing video games online.

All these activities are reducing productivity level and may worsen company’s reputation.