Most common reasons why employers decide to spy on their staff

Most common reasons why employers decide to spy on their staff

Why should your employer use keylogger software?

In our digital age, there is no way someone can have secrets. We are all curious about our family members, friends and colleagues but someone has serious reasons to be worried: corporate espionage is a dangerous activity that can lead to company’s bankruptcy and, loss of reputation on the market and among customers.  To avoid such misfortune, a lot of managers or company’s owners decide to install keystroke recorder on office computers and, observe how staff members spend working hours. It is well-known that we are all social media’s addicts and spent a lot of working hours chatting with friends using messengers. Still, there are fans of video games, movies, avid readers who prefer doing this in the office. Here are other major reasons why employers should control staff members:

Risk management. Taking into account unlimited network along with internet access there are so many ways employees can create a negative reputation for the company:

  • by impolite correspondence with customers and partners;
  • creating an unhealthy atmosphere inside the company by bullying or sexually harassing colleagues;
  • damaging business by trading commercial secrets;
  • providing illegal activity like workplace theft;
  • reducing productivity level by visiting time-wasting websites and much more.

Apart from mentioned points, free keylogger software can define loyal personnel, acting in the best interests of their company.

Keystroke recorder for Mac users

The reliable software can be successfully used with Android, Mac OS, and Windows. Common features are mostly the same for every system, and we will describe what Mac offers to its users.

  • Keylogger software records every keystroke made – passwords and usernames for visited websites are available for your monitoring. Most popular and widely used are: Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, Google account and much more;
  • All emails, sent or received are recorded;
  • Numerous chats’ content: Skype conversations, texts from Yahoo Messenger, iChat, MSN, Google and other chat apps installed on a target computer;
  • Web search history provides the whole list of every website visited with an indication of date and time spent at each one of them. In this case, you can observe what influences productivity of your staff;
  • Screenshots of the desktop made in set periods of time;
  • Mac keystroke recorder saves IP address details of the target laptop, and this feature is useful when employees are working remotely and visiting office not often. Using monitoring software, you will be aware of Mac location at all times.

Best features for Windows

It is also very easy to use keylogger software with Windows and here are main benefits users are provided with:

  • Webcam snapshots providing useful information regarding target device;
  • Stealth mode of operation;
  • Records all texts and passwords typed in every app used on target PC;
  • Logs every visited website;
  • Supports international keyboard and much more.

Any high-quality keystroke recorder is undetectable by users as running in complete stealth, and as a result, will be completely untraceable for security software on target PC. From now on it is possible viewing personal and business messages sent and received during working and checking messages that were typed but not sent. Some types of software also allow tracking mouse clicks, monitoring downloaded and launched apps.

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